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Friday, November 7, 2008

Da S's new movie 'My So Called Love'; Xiao S: It's full of intimacy!

After seeing Da S's new movie 'My So Called Love', Xiao S kept saying that there was too much intimacy in the show. When Da S went on Kang Xi Lai Le, Xiao S relentlessly electrified her. Before, Da S was photographed in Eddie Peng's car, and Xiao S kept asking, 'Are you sure you have nothing going on with him?', and even talked about her old love Zaizai, asking Da S: "How was your first bed scene with him?", until Da S was frustrated, and said: "If you bring up Blue Lan or Zai Zai again, you would be reusing old material, and should not be called a proper host.'

In Da S's taiwanese movie 'My So Called Love', she has extremely intimate scenes with it's male lead Joseph Chang; after Xiao S saw it, she described it as: "This is a movie full of intimacy, my sister has bed scenes with three different guys, after filming, she was so excited."

In the movie, Joseph Chang is Da S's second lover. Initially, the two of them were just acquaintances, but after a while Da S fell in love with him. In the movie there is a scene where Joseph pulls Da S into the restroom, Da S felt that that was really exciting. Xiao S asked: "How smooth is Joseph's body?" and Da S replied: "Very smooth, like a baby's," not knowing that Xiao S would ask: "Then who did you have your first bed scene with?", letting Da S freeze.

After freezing for a while, Da S said: "In Mars, with Zai Zai,", to that, Xiao S followed up by asking: "How is Zai Zai's body?", and asked till Da S could only say that she couldn't remember, opening her eyes wide and warning Xiao S:"I already reminded you at home, if you bring up Zai Zai or Blue Lan again, you would just be digging up buried memories, and you are not a proper host." This led Xiao S to shut her mouth and say good things, saying that after their mother saw the movie, she kept crying, even on the way home, she was really very touched by the movie.

While filming the movie, there was once that Da S and Eddie Peng were photographed in her car 'having a date'. To that, Da S explained: "That day we were filming outdoors, later on it rained, and Eddie didn't have a car. When i was sitting in my car to avoid the rain, he asked if he could come aboard too, of course I said yes!'. Xiao S curiously asked: "Do the two of you really have nothing going on?'. Da S: "Please! My assistant was also in the car, what do you think the two of us could have done?'

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