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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Mike He, too much present, luggage too heavy.

Mike He in order to film Angie Cai drama "Infernal lover" (WU jIan You Ai), he has stayed in China for 5 months. Now, the drama had wrapped up and Mike had returned to Taiwan. Just for the fans presents, it already has 4 large boxes. Plus his luggages, his manager and assistant luggages, all together weight hundred kilograms. All together, their luggages were 27kg overweight. They had been compensated for 10 thousand yuan.

There are variety presents from fans as this was the first time Mike came to China to film drama. The presents include desk, chair, small refrigerator, etc. This is to let Mike can have a real rest during his free time while fiming the drama. Besides that, they are also jade given by fans. All the presents given were full of the love from fans. And Mike had brought all the presents from fans back to Taiwan.

Other than that, Mike also like to go shopping during his free time. He had bought a remote-controlled planes, remote control cars. During his free time, he will played the planes on the field. Besides that, he also bought a folding bicycle. But he had not ride it once since he bought it, Mike said "Because it is pretty cheap". But excess weight of luggage causing Mike needed to paid nearly 10,000 yuan.

In "Infernal lover", Mike was acting as a captain in the Early Republic time. He has a lot of fighting scene in it and he also has a changes to ride an antique motorbike. After finished filming "Infernal lover", he doesn't have any free moment. He has started to enter big screen, acting with Andy Lau and Barbie Xu in "Future police". He was acted as a future police captain in this movie.


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