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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Ariel Lin is very famous; celebrating birthday on the street Joe Cheng gets disgruntled and left

The day before yesterday was Lin Yi Chen’s 26th birthday, she is nominated in Best Lead Actress in this year’s Golden Bell Award, having high chances of winning the award and her popularity is quite good too. The night before yesterday, after she and ZhengYuan Chang, Bryant Chang have attended Zhang Fei’s show, there were about hundred of fans helped to celebrate her birthday on the street, she was like a queen being embraced by the crowd, getting flowers and presents, such a pride that they have given her; while her [Onscreen Husband] Zheng Yuan Chang was being pushed to the side by the crowd, having a gloomy face, Bryant Chang knows his place and walked off by himself, 2 handsome guys’ popularity have being beaten down!

Being surrounded by the crowd; overwhelmed with joy

The day before yesterday Lin Yi Chen just had her 26th birthday, since currently she is still single, on the night before yesterday she has leads the cast from [Love or Bread] Zheng Yuan Chang and Bryant Chang to [Diamond Club] show. The recording ended around 9pm, when Lin Yi Chen walked out from the studio, she was being surrounded by the fans, getting flowers and presents, making her feeling overwhelmed and intent to speed up her walking pace but then she step back and share a picture with the whole group of fans.

Zheng Yuan Chang jealous; Bryant Chang feels embarrassed
Popularity being snatch away by Lin Yi Chen, Zheng Yuan Chang who was waiting by the side was not looking very happy about it, thought of going in to have pictures taken together but failed, so he decided to leave, suddenly the fans are aware of it and started to ask him for autograph and take pictures together. Even though he accepted all the request but he still looked gloomy; while on the other side, Bryant Chang was a bit more embarrassed, after rumor has it that he has married and with children, his popularity has gone downhill, the nearly hundred of fans have totally neglected the his existent, the embarrassing him has decided to walk off and leave first.

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