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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Little R&B Queen Zhang Li Yin Hopes to Duet with Wang Lee Hom

Original interview was held on June 19th, 2008.

Since leaving for Korea for training when she was small, and debuting at only 17-year-old , Zhang Li Yin, in a recent interview, confessed to her interviewer that to her, her Prince Charming is China/Taiwan's R&B singer, Wang Lee Hom. She admires Leehom's creative work, and hopes that one day they'll be able to work together.

For Zhang Li Yin, who recently turned nineteen, her love for singing started when she was young. At thirteen, after participating in a singing contest in Sichuan, she was drafted into the Korean SM Entertainment company to train. At sixteen, she debuted with her company's senior TVXQ member, Xiah Junsu, with a duet called "Timeless", and thus becoming the new generation's little R&B queen. The song "Timeless" is also the theme song for CCTV drama, "Ding Family Has Yangyang Women".

Born from a musical family, Zhang Li Yin started liking music from Wang Lee Hom and Jay Chou at a very young age. Earlier, Zhang Li Yin participated in the Olympics 100-Day Countdown activity, and performed on the same stage as Wang Lee Hom. He sang praises of Zhang Li Yin, and said that he has listened to Zhang Li Yin's singing before, and was surprised to hear such a rich voice came from only a nineteen-year-old. When meeting her Prince Charming for the first time, and hearing his praise for her, she could only humbly say thank you.

When Zhang Li Yin was interviewed, she was very thankful and nervous; if she had another chance to meet with Wang Lee Hom, she would definitely ask him to duet with her and hope that there would be another chance in the future to work with him. With promotion activities in China in full-swing, Zhang Li Yin will be performing on June 8th and June 22nd for "Toward Beijing, Making Musical Dreams Concert" at the Guangzhou and Wuhan stops. On the 12th, she will be featured at TVXQ's Beijing concert stop; the 14th, in Shanghai for the "Love China" music event. Please look forward to the little R&B queen's activities throughout mainland China.

Translations: Wendy@Chocolyn

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