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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Ariel Lin Upset she forgot to thank the late Wei Lun

Last night Ariel Lin won the Best Actress Award for her performance in TKA. From the time she heard her name announced till after her acceptance speech, she maintained her composure. However, at the post-award celebrations, after a glass of wine, only then was she unable to suppress her joy and happiness. She had been on a diet and only had an apple last night. However, she intends to have a “Fresh Breakfast” next morning to reward herself.

Ethan shouts down Joe
Ariel reveals, “Prior to the announcement, I saw Sister Xiao Qiang was waggling her eyebrows at me, indicating that I should go up stage to receive the award.” She further reveals that her best friend from Junior High told her that she needs to forget that she won this award after tonight, and continue to embrace her own ideals and her original intents in acting. However, her good buddy Joe had always thought Ariel would win. Joe reveals, “When the nomination list was read, Ethan was shouting Chen Qiao En and I was shouting Lin Yi Chen. However, I could only shout twice before I went hoarse. Ethan was out-shouting me. Luckily Ariel was recognised by the judges. I never thought I would be able to have partnered a Queen of Drama for such a long time. I am happier than she is!”

A date with Joe to inform about the award
This is the first time that an actress from an idol drama has won the Best Actress award. Ariel feels that this makes this award even more meaningful for her. However, she frankly revealed during the celebrations that she was rather annoyed with herself for forgetting to thank her good friend, the late Xu Wei Lun. She said, “The first time we collaborated was on True Love 18. She was the Best Newcomer. This time I won the Best Actress award through an idol drama, I must share this news with her. But I actually forgot, how frustrating!” She had already decided to visit Xu Wei Lun (probably at the cemetery) to tell her this good news, together with Joe.

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