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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Harlem Yu ChengQing Takes Son To Beijing; Begs Annie Yi NengJing To Turn and Come Back

News Source: Yahoo! Taiwan, LibertyTimes,
Translation Credit: tammiest @

According to our understanding, Harlem Yu ChengQing (HaLin) brought 小哈利 Xiao HaLi (little Harry) with him to Beijing to visit and "reunite" with wife Annie Yi NengJing. The family appeared together on the streets of Beijing, seemingly enjoying their family time. Harlem brought 小哈利 Xiao HaLi with him to plead with his wife; he wanted them to have a "complete" family. His wish, however, did not and will not come true. Yesterday, Harlem's agency confirmed that he had brought 小哈利 Xiao HaLi with him to Beijing in June; the details, however, "could not be revealed."

Annie Lied To Harlem: All the Men Who Accompanied Her on the Trip Were "Gay"

According to media reports, Harlem, who is a Leo, cares a lot about his own reputation and "saving face." Even when his close friends in the entertainment circle warned him of his wife's "activities" away from home, he brushed them off as outsiders being envious of him for having a talented wife. Whenever Annie was caught on camera with other men, for example, on vacation with other men, she would take the initiative and try to explain herself and "disinfect" the news for Harlem. She would also say, "That man is gay!" Harlem always believed her unreservedly.

Pace Wu PeiCi Bumped Into Annie and New Love; Didn't Dare To Say Anything

It has been reported that, after Annie's rumors with 黃維德 Huang WeiDe surfaced (other reports say that the rumors have persisted for 2-3 years), Harlem's faith and confidence in Annie began to waver. According to reports, Annie celebrated her birthday with 黃維德 Huang DeWei and a few of their friends; she reportedly "played" a bit "crazily." The two were in their room together alone; however, they accidentally ran into Pace Wu PeiCi. Harlem once asked Pace about this matter in private; Pace didn't dare to answer.

Neither Annie, who is currently in the Mainland filming 大瓷商 [Da Ci Shang], nor Harlem, who is currently in Taipei, would respond to questions regarding this matter.

Spotted Holding Hands With Bespectacled Man in October; Suspected To Be Huang WeiDe

Reporters searched Beijing's SoHu engine yesterday; according to three "consecutive" photos supplied by The ChongQing Times, Annie was spotted on the streets of ChongQing by some of the "masses." She was walking, fingers interlocked, with a "bespectacled man." They leisurely went for a stroll by 解放碑 JieFangBei, which was close to their hotel. The ChongQing reporter asked the person who "leaked" the news to them, "Is there a possibility that you made a mistake?" The source said, "It's impossible that I mistook her. I really like her, and I've met her face-to-face before. We brushed past each other (that day)." The source went on to say, "When I saw her, I was very excited. After I came back to my senses, I noticed that there was a man by her side. They held hands after they came down the stairs. They looked as they strolled; when they got to this one specialty store, they even paused and stared in the display window for a long time."

The pair in the pictures published by The ChongQing Times do seem to be Annie and 黃維德 Huang WeiDe. However, at the time, The ChongQing Times was not aware of the identity of the "bespectacled man." It's just that Annie, who looks so sad and grieved now whenever one mentions either her family or her child, when first confronted with the pictures of her and 黃維德 Huang WeiDe holding hands-- her face was so sweet and happy!

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