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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Exclusive Report: Annie Yi NengJing Complains Tearfully That Her Marriage Was On the Rocks Long Ago; Harlem Yu ChengQing Once Brought Up the Word "Agr

News Source: Yahoo! Taiwan, NOWNews,
Translation Credit: tammiest @

Annie Yi NengJing has become the target of public criticism and censure after the pictures of her holding hands with 黃維德 Huang WeiDe were exposed. After appearances and statements from both 黃維德 and husband Harlem Yu ChengQing (HaLin), the "sinner"-- in the eyes of the netizens-- has also come forward with her own statement. Annie said that her marriage with Harlem had suffered rifts and cracks long ago; additionally, Harlem once put forward the word "agreement" to her. However, Annie couldn't give up her family; she could not make the resolution to break it off. This, in turn, led to today's situation; everything has made her feel very upset and wounded.

So is Annie the "sinner" or the "victim?" Right after pictures of her holding hands, fingers entwined together, with 黃維德 Huang WeiDe were exposed to the world, she became, in everybody's eyes, "a woman who doesn't follow the proper rules of conduct for a wife and mother," someone who "pays no attention to her son" and is a "failure as a wife and as a mother." To Annie, these names and attacks are deeply hurtful.

Annie finds it difficult to bear the criticism of the outside world; as a result, she called her best friend in Taiwan to vent her troubles. She said that she felt wronged and hurt by Harlem's statement of, "We are not divorced; we are not separated." She also confided that she felt that everything that has happened recently is the result of her heart being too "soft" initially-- her unwillingness to give up her family has brought her to her current situation.

Annie kept sobbing on the phone; she expressed that the problems between her and Harlem have nothing to do with a "third party." In fact, their problems have existed for a long time; now, with the news of her current scandal coming out, she does not wish to hurt Harlem. So, although she feels greatly wronged and unhappy, she has been unable to share her feelings with anyone; this makes her feel even more wronged, unhappy, and upset.

Annie was extremely agitated; her good friend could only attempt to comfort her, telling her that she wished that she wouldn't cry any more. She should treat it as doing something for her son, HaLi (Harry)... she must approach and deal with the current scandal with wisdom.

Upon hearing of her son, however, Annie cried even harder. She expressed that her love with Harlem has, after years together, already dampened to affection. She also said that she really loves her son, HaLi, but that, because of her work in Mainland China, the times she can see him are few and far between. However, whenever she has the time, she goes home to see her son. Thus, she hopes that the outside world will not consider her only as a "bad" mother who cares only about her own love affairs and not for her son. She said, "I cannot bear this type of accusation."

Additionally, Annie emphasized that her marriage with Harlem has come to this "point" because of various domestic and household affairs. It has been like this for a while now; actually, the two of them have even discussed some "agreements."

The "agreements" Annie refers to are those related to what they would do if they got to a point where they could no longer go on being married to each other. Originally, when they discussed an "agreement," Annie's "deep love" for her family kept her from being ruthless and led her to her current situation. She is extremely upset over this; she also points out that she and Harlem have already been "separated" for a long time.

Annie was originally supposed to appear at a few promotions and accept a few interviews in November; now, however, because of the "scandal," all plans have been postponed.

Annie emphasized once again that she has had over 20 years of affection with Harlem; it's very laudable. She said that, in a marriage, both parties must work hard together; however, they have had problems for a long time. As for the current situation, she hopes that she can cooperate with Harlem and "make it through." However, according to Annie, the first one to bring up the word "agreement" (this could be short for "divorce"... neither she nor the article are very clear on this word) was not her, but Harlem.

Annie defended herself, "At the time, I took my family into account, so I couldn't find it in me to be ruthless and make a decision." She never thought, however, that that decision would thus make her into a "sinner;" she feels really hurt. Annie said that she and Harlem are not divorced, but that they are currently "separated." Thus, it was very hard for her to hear Harlem's statement on the 11th: "We are not divorced; we are not separated."

Harlem's manager, 孟美瑛 Meng MeiYing, responded to Annie's account of the situation. She said that Harlem is currently resting (the time is 10:00 PM on November 12) and cannot be disturbed; however, she has known and observed Harlem for many years-- he is very low-key and leads a "clean and honest" life; he has always kept out of trouble. He has supported Annie's efforts and career, which have been far from home, for years; he uses his own actions to support his wife.

As for the couple's "separation," 孟美瑛 Meng MeiYing wonders whether working in two different countries counts as a "separation?" She believes that this type of interpretation is neither appropriate nor fitting; she also says again that Harlem would not lie. Judging from this, it seems that Harlem's and Annie's "understandings" of "separation" are different.

Because of Annie's current state of agitation, she cannot return to Taiwan and face society; Harlem also needs a period of time to "settle." We only hope that the two of them will be able to give the public an explanation soon.

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