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Monday, November 10, 2008

Getting pregnant when ratings break 5, GuiGui says, "No!"

GuiGui said that if the ratings for Pi Li MIT breaks 5, she will get pregnant. (Lol, it wasn't her who said it!) On the 9th Nov, Yan Ya Lun, Gui Gui and Xiao Gui attracted numerous fans on their bicycles. During the event, GuiGui changed her mind, and refused in English saying, "No! No!" Xiao Gui who loves teasing her immediately exclaimed loudly, "You want to get pregnant with the artiste, NoNo!". The more GuiGui tried to explain, the worse things got, resulting in her not knowing to laugh or to cry.

Yan Ya Lun and GuiGui are known to be conscious of their appearances, but the weather yesterday didn't comply. There was a downpour yesterday, and as they had to ride their bicycles in the rain, both of them were drenched, ruining their makeup and hair. GuiGui kept worrying that her false eyelashes would fall off, and Yan Ya Lun consoled himself by hoping that ratings will flourish. (He said a phrase related to water, thus the rain)

Pi Li MIT had to re-film once, and after last friday's episode was aired, quite a few netizens found that Fan Wei Qi's hairstyle and makeup doesn't match in some scenes. FanFan herself was also at home playing this game of "spot the differences", she said, "I paid very close attention to see if there were loopgoles and in the end I realised that my hairstyle kept changing." GuiGui replied, "We have no idea the end product will be like when we are filming, its only when the show has aired on tv that we know what the storyline really is."

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