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Sunday, November 9, 2008

American Grammy award winner Wyclef Jean praises Jay Chou as a "real musician"

Source: Sina

The 2008 "Hennessy Music" Beijing news conference was held on the 8th of November in the morning. Jay Chou, Wilber Pan, Jane Zhang, the mutliple American Grammy award winning singer and producer Wyclef Jean, Korean R&B heavenly queen Lena Park and famed DJ Havana and Tom will be performing on the night. In the interview at the press conference, Wyclef Jean revealed that he has always looked forward to performing in China, he also praised Jay Chou and Leehom Wang as "real musicians".
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On the night, Wyclef Jean will be performing with many artists on the same stage, when asked about his understanding of the singers, he became rampant with talk, he praised Jay Chou's and Leehom Wang's talent, he also called the two real musicians, "They are able to combine Chinese culture with music, the music they make is what is real music."

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