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Friday, November 14, 2008

Da S feeling empty, devotes herself to Eddie Peng and Joseph Chang

Da S feeling empty, devotes herself to Eddie Peng and Joseph Chang

source: asosbbs
translations: xiaochien @ devoted2barbie

"My So Called Love" casts, Da S, Eddie Peng, Joseph Chang and Easton Dong attended the movie press conference yesterday, their director was also in attendance. After scenes that was reported to be stolen, and re-filming some scenes, finally the movie will be screening soon. Everyone is excited!

In the movie, Da S had bed scenes with her 3 leading men, and regarding this, there were a lot of "first time" for Da S. It was her first time to film a feminist movie, first time to film a movie wherein her character would require her to play an 18 year old-30 year old, and also her first time to have so many bed scenes. Because she's single in real life, she may be in love with 3 handsome men in the movie to make up for her emptiness. When talked about her collaboration with the 3 actors, Da S expressed she's very happy because all of them are younger than her, with her words, the media suddenly asked her "Aren't Zai Zai and Blue Lan younger too?, both her relationships with them were an older sister-younger bro love, Da S really prefers younger guys.

Da S had bed scenes with Eddie Peng and Joseph Chang, and Da S has nothing but high praises for their performance in the movie. In the movie, Da S had exposed her body, but Eddie and Joesph also had their share in the movie. Da S exposed, while filming bed scene with shy Joseph, he was very tense all throughout and so the crew had to leave the set; Eddie Peng was the exact opposite, he was not nervous at all and did not mind the people around them.

The 3 leads had different bed scene preparations, they have quite exposed some of their behind the scenes story. Da S said, she would brush her teeth, would take a bath to make sure her body is clean enough, would also look for an angle where she looks pretty. Eddie Peng on the other hand had prepare himself before filming. He worked out for his body to look well built, and as for Joseph Chang, because he already has a nice body, he just focused himself on his acting.

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