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Friday, November 14, 2008

Aaron Kwok reveals the BMW is very fast taking a ride with Jay Chou

Source: Chinatimes

Aaron Kwok, who loves cars, owns 12 top sports cars, it is even more than Taiwan heavenly king Jay Chou, who loves cars as well, before Jay Chou admitted he didn't know the level Aaron Kwok has in terms of cars, he took Aaron Kwok for a ride in a BMW sports car which he thought was very diao, he even showed off saying: "It's very fast!" Afterwards he found out Aaron Kwok has a HK$12 million Pagani Zonda F, it's his dream model, after hearing that Aaron Kwok smiled shaking his head: "No, Jay has driven very well!" He gave Jay Chou a lot of respect.
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Seeing Jay Chou's sports car, Aaron Kwok said: "He's a youngster, I can understand his mentality of wanting to share a good car with everyone." He stressed that there are no good and bad cars, every car has an unique personality, they have different stigmas, the car Jay Chou shows off the most right now is Benz SLR722, he doesn't have one. But as with Jay Chou he also used his mother as an excuse, he says he likes to take his mother for a ride, he avoided talking about giving his girlfriend a ride.

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