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Friday, November 7, 2008

Barbie Hsu XiYuan (Da S): Blue Lan ZhengLong and Vic Chou YuMin (ZaiZai) Aren't Good Men

Both on and off screen, Barbie Hsu (Da S) has "grown up" and matured in love. Her "road" to love in the movie 愛的發聲練習/My So-Called Love is bumpy; a few days ago, while giving an interview to a fashion magazine, she admitted frankly that, after experiencing two tumultuous love affairs-- one with Blue Lan ZhengLong, the other with Vic Chou YuMin (ZaiZai), she has come to a realization: "A man without a sense of responsibility... is definitely not a 'good man.'"

Barbie said that, although she is not the type to hold on to or pursue a commitment at all costs, she has now learned an important lesson: upon discovering or meeting a man who is indecisive or hesitant toward promises and commitment, she will walk away immediately.

In 愛的發聲練習/My So-Called Love, Barbie plays a "援交少女 yuan jiao shao nu"-- a young woman who participates in "compensated dating"-- named XiaoMao. She was abandoned by her parents, and her foster father liked to peep at her. Her first love "turned" gay, and the "compensating dater" for whom she fell already has a wife. Just as she's about to give up on love altogether, she meets a deaf boy.

Barbie laughed and said, "It seems absurd, but this is a very real and genuine story. XiaoMao's life is so complicated, but she's pursuing the purest type of love. Additionally, although she comes up against and endures a lot of very hard and painful things, she still manages to maintain her innocence." Barbie thinks that this point of view is very similar to the her of 20 years ago. Now, however, that she has had some experiences of her own, Barbie said, "The me, now... I am much more worldly-wise, compared to before. I really envy that kind of person-- someone who can maintain their own innocence and never give up on love."

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