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Friday, November 7, 2008

8th November’s [Happy Camp]: will Ariel Lin become “Mrs. Joe Cheng”?

Last month when Lin Yi Chen was here to record the show [Happy Camp], she was being grilled by the host to pick out the guys that she likes the most out of Zheng Yuan Chang, HuGe, Wuzun etc who she has worked with before. Lin Yi Chen bluntly said loves [Zhi Shu] Zheng Yuan Chang the most. Unexpectedly [History seems to repeats itself], when Zheng Yuan Chang was the guest for [Happy Camp] in the episode that will air on 8th (Saturday 7:35pm), he has also suffered the same [obstacle] from the host, when [Happy Family] asked will Lin Yi Chen and him continue to have rumors because of their third collaboration, with this, Zheng Yuan Chang can’t help but smiles and said: [Maybe while filming the fifth series we will have got married already.] Zheng Yuan Chang also smiles and said: [Lin Yi Chen is the most important woman in my life in the entertainment industry.]

Because of idol series like [It Started With A Kiss] and [They Kiss Again], Zheng Yuan Chang was being called as [Young and Handsome] and the undeniable [heartthrob for the young girls] in the Taiwan District. Taking the seat as [Mrs Cheng] is actually the dream of a lot of fans. About his own ideal girlfriend that he is looking for, Zheng Yuan Chang bluntly said she has to be [The One] and he still stand firm on the basic qualities that he likes: [Must have a filial heart, understanding, will be very optimistic while facing difficulties, this type of girls will be very attractive.]

A lot of people who are attracted to Zheng Yuan Chang are because of his eyes that seem to know how to talk. During the show, Hai Tao was unconvinced, he reveals that Zheng Yuan Chang’s handsomeness has been through adjustment, and he has photos as proof (Zheng Yuan Chang has single eye line when he was small; while now he has double eye line). Zheng Yuan Chang explains that as an artist, in order to make his eyes looked livelier, every time before attending an event, he will put on the double eye line sticker himself. And because his eyelashes are inverted so he also will use the eye lash curler everyday. Zheng Yuan Chang was using his skillful hands to help Hao Tao to have the mysterious double eye line, the host teases Du Hao Tao that he is finally able to get the help that he needed, making the crowd burst out laughing.

During the show, Zheng Yuan Chang was being asked about there was a time where he would often used [Racing with the police] as a way to train his body, Zheng Yuan Chang revealed that after he graduated from high school at the age of 18, he gets into a train alone, and travel to Taipei, he roamed around the big city all by himself, he has worked as a bartender in a bar, a waiter in a restaurant, a salesman in a men apparel shop and even having a stall where he sells his goods on the ground. That time when someone shouted [Police are coming], he will be very well-trained and started to grab the 4 corner of his mat together and run until he was out of sight. Luckily he has a pair of long legs, and has never been arrested by the police…… In real life, Zheng Yuan Chang’s monthly expenses is less than NT$10,000, he is that [Thrifty]. When friends asked him to borrow money, he will refuse to do so.

During the Posing class, when Zheng Yuan Chang teaches He Ling how to pose like a young and handsome man, they have created numerous funny moments and the funniest part will be the special countrified runway show. For more exciting scenes please remember to watch [Happy Camp] on 8th November at 7:35pm.

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