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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Rainie Yang refuses to be an artificial beauty

source: UDN
translated by: Sarah @

Rainie Yang, who acts, sings and hosts, has appeared in Marie Clarie magazine for the first time. About her appearance becoming old, she says honestly that unless she is old enough, she will definitely not go and get cosmetic surgery: “Because a person’s face changes everyday, face shape and facial features are all different, so unless I do get really old, I will then accept getting injections to allow the face to be more firm.”

Rainie also revealed that in August, September this year, after finishing filming 2 dramas, she suddenly found one strand of white hair, and she was so scared that she immediately pulled it out. She says that only after finishing work everyday, can she sit comfortably on the sofa with her mother, watching TV or just chatting, to allow herself to fully enjoy this time, and to relax her mood.

She, who never hides her emotions, says that she is very happy with her current situation. Although it is still an empty window in terms of love, she feels that in the relationship world, being considerate is the most important, rather if someone keeps rushing to find the right person, it will actually scare her.

However, she reveals that she is also a person who may put friends before guys: “Very straightforward, fully expressing my feelings, no reservations”, completely investing into relationship, and selflessly caring for him. What kind of person will attract her when she is older? “He has to be very mature, and be able to tolerate me, but can’t be too serious, has to have a sense of humour, and accept the fact that due to work commitment, I can’t always be with him.”

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