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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Pace Wu Polishes Look for Golden Horse Awards

Pace Wu Polishes Look for Golden Horse Awards

Taiwan actress and model Pace Wu Pei-Ci was reported to have tried on dozens of dresses last week in preparation for an eye-catching red-carpet fashion show at the upcoming Golden Horse Film Awards in Taiwan.

Crowned as the star of the fashion magazine 'Harper's Bazaar', a "Fashion Bible" for women who love fashion and beauty, Pace Wu will be walking the red-carpet with Lu Shufen, the chief-editor of the local edition in China.

Pace Wu is quite excited about this as it is the first time she will attend these awards. To enter the spotlight in best shape, Pace Wu has received special treatment from Bazaar's "Style Lounge" which covered everything from facials to dress and accessories.

Ms Lu Shufen, a fashion critic, said they would keep away from the traditional white and black dresses, focusing instead on lines and patterns in designing the dresses for Pace.

The actress gave advice to those stars planning to walk the red-carpet for the first time saying they should avoid wearing dresses with long trains for it's too hard to walk in them.
She added falling on the red-carpet would be most embarrassing.

Pace Wu said she favours nominees Zhang Hanyu from "Assembly" and Jet Li from "The warlords". However, if asked to choose, she would vote for Jet Li as the best leading actor, adding that she was touched by his performance.

Pace spent most of her time hosting television programs across the straits, shooting a TV series and recording an EP in 2008. She hopes to shift the focus to films next year and is inspired to become a "Golden Horse" nominee herself.

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