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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

4 beauties take part in Peter Ho's new drama "Summer Bubble"; coincidentally all reveal long legs

source: mop
translated by: Sarah @

Peter Ho’s new drama “Summer Bubble” has just announced that it will begin filming, and already, 4 beauties: Patina Lin, Coco Jiang, Ke Huan Ru and Wu Ya Xin have agreed to take part in it. Yesterday, the 4 met for the first time, but coincidentally, they all wore short shorts and skirts.

“Summer Bubble” tells of a discussion into the entertainment industry, and requires many artists to play the role of big celebrities. The 4 girls all have good friendships with Peter, and agreed to take part, regardless of the pay, evidently displaying Peter’s good popularity.

Yesterday, the 4 beauties, who are all tall and slender, met with the director Jiang Feng Hong to discuss the script, and coincidentally, they all wore short shorts and skirts, displaying their long slender legs. Patina, who is 181cm yesterday wore a short knitted dress, looking sexy and beautiful, this is the 3rd time she has collaborated with Peter. Black beauty Coco who often used to walk the runway with Peter, wore denim short shorts, revealing her proud long legs.

Wu Ya Xin is Peter’s little “sister” and her height is at least 172cm. However, Ke Huan Ru, who is only 168cm, looked like a “hobbit” standing inbetween the 3, but she was not at all worried, and even joked, “In the drama, I play a neutral role, so it is good if I have a strong contrast to them.”

Actually, out of the 4, Ke Huan Ru’s acting age is the longest; 8 years ago, she and Da S collaborated in “Meteor Garden” and she played the role of her good friend Xiao Zi. When reminiscing back, she says that Da S was very friendly, and even recommended some philosophy books to her. Now 8 years later, the 2 will collaborate again in “Summer Bubble” and again will be acting as friends, she said, “Really is fate.”

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