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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Jay Chou wants to film a magic movie

Source: Chinatimes

Besides work Jay Chou studies magic, he often drives with his assistant to San Chung to buy new props, he'll occasionally go online to search for new secret skills, to become a magician who "shocks" everyone. But "there's always someone better", one time he was showing off his magic in front of Ah Sa (Charlene Choi), but he was mocked "his skills are still a fair bit away from Andy Lau's", he felt a bit thwarted.

Afterwards Jay Chou admitted, Andy Lau stimulated his motivation to study magic, "That year I saw him perform magic at his Hong Kong concert, it was really brilliant, at that time I told myself, there will be a day when I'm better than him at it." During these few years, each time the two bump into each other they test their skills against one another, he was once stunned when watching Andy Lau's necklace magic, he was full of admiration: "Indeed a senior is very amazing"

Because he saw Andy Lau as an idol, it was rumoured Jay Chou was planning to a movie with magic as the topic, and that he strongly invited Andy Lau to partner with him and appear in it. The plot would be similar to that of the Western movie "The Prestige", a topic about two magicians battling against each other, and they would hire an American special effects company to handle the special effects in the movie, the initial estimated budget is 400 million yuan, they hope to begin filming it next year.
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Towards this, Jay Chou's JVR Music expressed, this rumour has been going around for a while, but up till now they still haven't decided on the direction of the script, everything is still in Jay Chou's mind. It is rumoured that this infrastructure is for filming the sequel to "Secret" at the latter half of next year. The company had a reserved manner because with his imaginative personality, until it is finally settled, no one can predict the answer.

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