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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Show Luo wants to marry; does not rule out pregnancy before marriage

source: UDN
translated by: Sarah @

To promote for his new album, Show Luo accepted an interview from Taipei Hit FM’s “Dong Feng Entertainment” and revealed that he has already planned for marriage, but unfortunately, the right girl has not appeared yet. He also said he does not rule out pregnancy before marriage, but he did not forget to emphasise, “That’s pregnancy before marriage, not having child before marriage!”

Earlier, Xiao Zhu very generously gave his mother 5,000,000NT for her birthday and he expressed that it’s because, from when he was little, his family’s financial situation has not been very good, and plus now, his mother is at home by herself, so he hopes that he can be as filial as possible. Show, who has a successful career, does he want to get married and have children so to give his mother a grandchild to keep her company? Show replied that because the right girl has not appeared yet, for the moment, he has not thought about this question, and he also revealed, “Actually, previously I did think about marriage, but my relationship back then wasn’t very stable.”

When asked how does he choose from the female artists in the entertainment industry, Show laughed and said that he will definitely not choose Jolin Tsai, because they are too familiar with each other, but rather he kept praising Sonia Sui, saying she is very hot: “I always hoped that I can be friends with female models, and since I am quite tall, welcome female models to know me!” But if he had to choose one between good friends Xiao Gui and Jolin Tsai to have relationship with, he says he will choose Xiao Gui, and joked, “I’ve never tried this kind before, should be not bad!”

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