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Friday, December 5, 2008

Jay Chou uses alias to write songs for Jessie Chiang

Source: Hunantv

Since she was labelled "J Girl", Jessie Chiang seems to want to distance herself from Jay Chou, even for her debut album she hasn't used Jay Chou's sign, unexpectedly the song Jay Chou wrote "Romantic Love" was placed as the third single. But, recently the media exposed that this is just a smoke screen by the two, in reality, the first and second singles are written by Jay Chou, the only thing is that Jay Chou took on an alias, called "Chen Shao Rong".

According to the media reports, when "J Girl" Jessie Chiang released her new album with the full support of Jay Chou, she got a public complaint from Jay Chou on VCR, because the song he wrote especially for Jessie Chiang was only placed as the third single, the first and second singles are written by an unknown newcomer Chen Shao Rong. But, some media discovered that the two songs Chen Shao Rong wrote are very similar in style to Jay Chou's style, and Chen Shao Rong is under JVR Music as well. Even the supervisor of Jessie Chiang's recording studio Zheng Zhong Yong said that if he hadn't seen the name of the writer when he first got the demos for these two songs he would have really thought they were written by Jay Chou. This article is translated by

In reality, these two songs are written by Jay Chou. A Mainland China production company invited Chen Shao Rong to write songs because they admired his talents, the result was that after a third request they found out this Chen Shao Rong is just Jay Chou's alias. An informer has revealed, the person the Mainland China production company went to find him already knew Chen Shao Rong was Jay Chou so that person returned with a high price, which scared the company, after some explanation, this production company finally understood, no wonder he's so expensive.

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