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Friday, December 5, 2008

Jay Chou earns HK$1.6 hundred million, the king of money making

Source: Oriental Daily

Jay Chou has developments in many areas such as commercials, concerts, records and films, in 2008 he successfully made HK$1.6 hundred million, to become the top of Taiwanese artists. Plus the fact he has not been affected by the economic recession but has gained excellent results, at the same time he was crowned top of the most talked about people. This article is translated by

Even though Jay Chou has always been developing in many areas, but in recent years he couldn't become the strongest money making artist in Taiwan, last year and the year before that he lost out to his rumoured girlfriend Jolin Tsai and girl group S.H.E. But this year Jay Chou can be proud and elated, under the hit of the economic recession, with 11 commercials, 27 sessions of concerts and great results from records and movies, he has successfully made HK$1.6 hundred million to become the king of money making; Jay Chou also became the top of the list for the talked about person because he has got such good results going against the circumstances.

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