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Friday, December 5, 2008

'Fringe' incident hurts Rainie Yang's human dignity

source: UDN
translated by: Sarah @

Rainie Yang’s ‘Miss No Good’ received good ratings after airing, again proving that the ‘girl next door’ role suits her the most. So what kind of bag will the girl next door wear? Chanel offers a new choice to girls – UNLIMITED BAG. This Chanel 2009 bag is suitable for both Spring and Summer. In addition to being both practical and beautiful, the address of Chanel’s first store in Paris 87 years ago, is also printed on the bag, to pay tribute to Chanel, who has been leading the fashion industry for almost 100 years.

Talking about playing the role of ‘girl next door’, Rainie is an expert at this, but so is her good friend Ariel Lin, who has just recently won the Golden Bell Award for ‘Best Actress’. Lately, there have been rumours saying that Rainie and Ariel have undergone changes in their friendship, due to the ‘fringe’ incident. In response to this, Rainie was very angry and defended herself saying: “I have never dealt with such a childish thing! Comparing fringes? We are not primary school students, extremely stupid.”

However, she who thought that noone would believe in gossip news, afterwards realized that they have a serious impact. She said, upsetly that there have been many die-hard fans of hers leaving messages on her blog, saying: “I used to really like you, but I never thought that you would treat your friends this way.” This kind of criticism, plus the continuing rumours all talk about how Rainie attacks Ariel, Rainie reveals, “This incident has really hurt my human dignity.”

After the incident happened, Rainie said that she and Ariel had met up twice in private, and she feels that this has not impacted their friendship, and they do not need to give an explanation to the outside world. However, her new drama ‘Superstar Express’ will air on GTV soon, and again has to go through the ‘GTV No. 1 sister’ competition, and Rainie helplessly says, “Very funny.”

Rainie has worn Chanel to both the Golden Melody Awards and the Golden Bell Awards, and has received good critique. Hence, this time Chanel invited her to do a ‘Star Taste’ photoshoot for its new Spring and Summer collection. When Chanel brought out its new 2009 UNLIMITED BAG, everyone exclaimed, “This bag is so light.” Very suitable for people who have to rush to many different places, as they can just throw in lots of things.

Rainie laughed and said that she is actually very picky when it comes to clothes, because she has no confidence in her legs. She never wears short shorts, and she will not wear skirts that are 10cm above her knee. However, dresses are the main Spring and Summer item and Rainie wears a Chanel dress with black stockings; she says that only this way will she have a sense of security.

She reveals that back then when ‘4 In Love’ entered the industry, to compete with another girl group ‘Beauty 4’, their management company requested for them to dress more coolly/lightly, and back then, Rainie would feel very miserable, and kept begging her management company to let her go, she said, “Back then, we were really just little kids, with no figure, we wouldn’t be able to win no matter what happened.”

In the end, she was still forced to wear little cute shorts. To her, that was really a big nightmare. When she heard reporters saying that they would be able to find those photos in their database, she simply wanted to cry, and cried out, “You don’t have to go to that trouble, don’t find it la.”

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