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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Fahrenheit Became Spokespersons for Renowned Hair Product GATSBY in Mainland China

Fahrenheit replaced Kimura Takuya and became new spokespersons for renowned hair product GATSBY in mainland China. This made Fahrenheit member Jiro Wang extremely happy because he had always idolized Kimura Takuya and hoped to have a chance to work with him in music or in dramas in the future.

For the making of this commercial, the manufacturer specially designed an “I have style, I use Gatsby” slogan based on the attributes of the four members of Fahrenheit. The slogan used a homonym to represent the “style” in reference to outer appearance and the “style” in reference to intrinsic flair with the hope of responding to the beauty standards of young people of today that must encompass both outer appearance and intrinsic flair.

Even although the commercial filmed each person separately, regardless which one of them was in front of the camera, the others would act as technical instructors on the side. Although all four of them were very skillful at fixing their hair, during the actual filming process, they could only touch up their hair through the camera lens. Unable to use a mirror to see made them momentarily uncomfortable. Only Jiro Wang was most calmed about it because he was always noticing and fixing his hair. Therefore, regardless the pose, he was able to mimic fixing his hair without any problem at all. Even the director praised his gestures as the most natural.

The manufacturers regarded this commercial very highly and even hired at great expense, a Hong Kong photographer, a German director and a Japanese stylist to work together to create this commercial. In the film studio, the mixture of Chinese, English and Cantonese made the whole process very international. It also highlighted the international aspect of Fahrenheit. Within Fahrenheit, only Jiro Wang did not have the experience of studying abroad and therefore, in comparison to the other three, his English was not as strong. However, after working on this commercial, Jiro felt that he had improved greatly in both his spoken and comprehensive English skills. The other three also often gave him pointers and took on the role of Jiro’s English tutors.

Calvin Chan had endured some sufferings for this advertisement. In order to meet the requirement of how the commercial must look, he had to get up several hours earlier than everyone else and spent four hours doing hair extensions as well as dying his hair black. After the filming was done, he had to spend another six hours to remove the hair extension. Calvin said with a resigned smile: [Before because my hair was so short, I only had to wear a cap and did not really have to work on my hair, so I was able to start work one hour later than everyone else. I never thought that this time because my hair was so short, I ended up working 10 plus hours more than everyone. It is really not worth it upon calculation.]

Fahrenheit also will be endorsing hairspray products. The happy person was their hairstylist because all four placed great importance in looking good. Their hairstylist exaggeratedly indicated: [The amount of hairspray Fahrenheit uses is 10 times more than other artists.]

According to sources, there was one time when they had to do a scene with them riding on motorbikes and wearing safety helmets while filming a CF for a beverage. It was unexpected that after the shoot was finished and they took off the safety helmets, the hairstyles of all four of them remained unaffected. This demonstrated how much hairspray they must have used.

After they endorsed hair products, Fahrenheit always have various types of styling products with them no matter where they were. In the past, between jobs, they would eat and chat in their spare time. Now, they had a new hobby…and that was to play “rocks & scissors” to determine which person would get a change in hairstyle. This new game gave Fahrenheit’s hairstylist a headache because each time after fixing up their hair, the four changed it to something else altogether. To ensure that everything was in sequence, the hairstylist had to spend more time and redo everything back into the original hairstyle. Therefore the staff workers restricted them to play with hairstyles only after work was finished. But Fahrenheit refused to give up and started to turn their attention to the heads of the staff workers. Every now and then they would grab one of the staff for experiments and used them as free hairstyling models. Fahrenheit also admitted honestly that when the four of them got together for functions, they would use up two cans of hairspray within one day. Every time when they returned to the company van, they would also spray hairspray relentlessly, to the point where the staff workers would be fighting to get out of the car.

translated by : wyn0602 of CEFC
credits : CEFC and HIM International
original source :

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