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Friday, December 5, 2008

Genie Chuo WenXuan's Beautiful Legs: A-Yue (Cheng ChenYue) Praises Loudly, "Delicious!"

News Source: Yahoo! Taiwan, UDN,
Translation Credit: tammiest @
The sweet-voiced Genie Chuo WenXuan will hold her concert tonight at the DanShui subway station, at the 12th public square. She invited Chang ChenYue (A-Yue) to be simultaneously her special guest and her fitness and stamina instructor. He helped her train her lung capacity and physical power. Chang ChenYue certainly cracked the whip while instructing her; however, he praised her beautiful legs as "ravishing," saying, "They look so delicious!" Genie told him coyly, "When I'm performing, my "level" will be even more open and revealing!"

She rode her newly purchased bicycle, which she named "Mini"... because it's just too "miniature!" Chang ChenYue couldn't resist mocking it, "It's such a large bicycle!" He strictly required Genie to ride the bicycle non-stop for one hour. Genie completed the challenge, prompting Chang ChenYue to say that her leg power is good and that she is a very capable, good student.

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