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Friday, December 5, 2008

'Cape No. 7' heads for the Oscars; Wei Te Sheng uses prize money for new movie

'Cape No. 7' heads for the Oscars; Wei Te Sheng uses prize money for new movie
Source: QQ
The box office of Taiwan's most successful movie this year, Cape No. 7 (海角七号), has reached TWD$4.6 hundred million. Yesterday, the directer Wei Te Sheng (魏德圣), together with the main actors of the show, Chie Tanaka (田中千绘) and Van Fan (范逸臣), attended a 'Heading for the Oscars' press conference. He didn't hide that he was very nervous and excited about the Oscars. However, the success of his movie Cape No. 7 let his new movie 'Seediqbate' (赛德克·巴莱) win 92 million in bonus funding.

Whether Cape No. 7 can be shown in China, Wei Te Sheng says he's maintaining a calm outlook now, saying he would 'wait and see'. However, he did confess that he was very afraid about the film's Oscar journey, saying: "I'm scared that it will be like not winning a painting competition as a kid, I'm very worried that I would lose face." Cape No. 7 has gotten a grant of millions by Taiwan's 'News Agency' for the Oscars already, and this is the main source of worry for Directer Wei. According to the rule that states: If the first movie surpasses 50 million in box office, there would be 20% funding for the next movie, Cape No. 7 has gained 92 million in bonus funding, helping Wei Te Sheng to film his next movie 'Seediqbate'. This movie is set during the Sino-Japanese War, where the Japanese invaded Taiwan. The budget for this movie is set to be 12 million.

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