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Friday, December 5, 2008

Kylie Minogue Coyly Searches the Crowd; Jolin Tsai YiLin Overwhelmed and Surprised

News Source: Yahoo! Taiwan, NOWNews,
Translation Credit: tammiest @
Australian "sexy goddess" Kylie Minogue held a concert in Taipei on the 4th; Taiwan's "fashion heavenly queen" Jolin Tsai YiLin attended, bringing flowers. Kylie personally came out to receive and welcome Jolin; she also asked in the middle of the concert, holding the microphone, "Where is Jolin?" This made all the fans present extremely jealous!

It is obvious that Kylie is very open and intimate; during her stay in Taiwan, she fulfilled nearly all of her fan's requests. When she ran into the paparazzi, her charming smile would remain politely on her face. And she is very appreciative of Jolin, with whom she collaborated on the song "In My Arms."

Before the concert started, Jolin specially made her way backstage to send her regards to Kylie. Upon hearing that Jolin had come, Kylie, who was, at the time, getting her hair and make-up done, personally went out to greet and welcome Jolin, completely disregarding her own image. Moreover, during the concert, Kylie made it obvious that she was searching for someone in the crowd. Holding the microphone in her hands, she asked the audience, "Jolin, where are you?" When she got to "In My Arms," the song on which she collabored with Jolin, she specially said, "Jolin, I want to dedicate this song to you." Jolin was overwhelmed and surprised by the unexpected favor and gesture, and the audience responded to Kylie's warmth and enthusiasm with applause.

Kylie will be leaving Taiwan at around 4 PM on the 5th; her record label, Warner, will be taking advantage of the timing and releasing her KylieX2008 World Tour DVD. It includes footage from her concert at the O2 Arena in London as well as the never-before-seen documentary "12 Hours." It will let fans understand Kylie and both her public and private person more.

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