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Friday, November 14, 2008

Top 10 most feminine male stars in the industry

source: SZonline
translated by: x-WISHFULthinking @
1.Tsui Hark: Acting skills more feminine than a girl
Lately, director Tsui Hark’s love comedy “Not All Women Are Bad” have been promoting, and 3 main leads Zhou Xun, Kitty Zhang and Kwai Lun-Mei have revealed many interesting stories. They said that during filming, the title of best female artist actually went to the director Tsui Hark! According to the 3 female leads, the director personally acted as the model to teach the girls to act the different types of “bad”, and his performance was even more feminine than a girl. “Not All Women Are Bad” let the girls see Tsui Hark’s acting skills, and although he is already past 50, his acting of 3 different young girls at the promotion events, whether it is expression or movements, they were all very lively and vivid.

2. Wu Zun: Looks prettier than a girl
In Director Ma’s new film “Butterfly Lovers”, Charlene plays the role of Juliet. When reporters asked Charlene what Chun’s body is like, and whether she got electrified by him, Charlene replied, “He really is very strong-built, maybe because he specializes in fitness! Luckily this is not my first time filming a movie, otherwise he will definitely electrify me till I faint! And also, Chun is too handsome la; more prettier than many girls!”

3. Hu Bing: Best male star at acting like a spoiled child
When talking about Hu Bing who likes to act like a spoiled child, Zhang Ting who has worked with him before, cannot help but laugh. She says Hu Bing is very cute, and loves to act like a spoiled child infront of the film crew and the director, hence he has a good relationship with others, and never gets told off. During one crying scene, because the weather was too hot, Hu Bing was unable to cry and whined to the director, “Director, can I not do the crying scene? I think crying is not very manly.”

4.Cai Guo Qing: Legendary “Butter Boy”

During the mid 1990s, just when Cai Guo Qing’s career was red hot, what did I do wrong? What should I do? Although the tears never came out, the pain is gathered up inside his heart. He begins to get scared. Public opinions gave him a lot of pressure, from “Prince Charming” to “Butter Boy”, he never really understood. In China, “Butter Boy” is derogatory and means that a man does not have masculine beauty. Cai Guo Qing was in pain, and when these voices ringed in his ears, he began to self-reflect: What did I do wrong? What should I do? Although the tears never came out, the pain is gathered up inside his heart.

5. Tony Leung: Most feminine male star of all
Tony Leung and Carina Lau went through wind and rain for so many years, but he has always been able to tolerate her many ways. Everytime, he has always compromised with no conditions; whether it was her getting into trouble, or her parents leaving, he always gave up his work, and stayed by her side, never leaving. This kind of man, who has a strong sense of responsibility, and is always there when she needs you most, who understands to be thoughtful and kind, it’s no wonder that every girl in the world wants to be Tony Leung’s other half.

6. Jiong (He Ling): Most feminine host
Having to choose a host who is the most feminine, I think Jiong He is well-deserving of this title. In “Happy Camp”, we see a lively, charming and humorous Jiong He, who can make the atmosphere go to the ultimate high. Hence it is hard to imagine that he is actually a teacher, so what does he teach? Will he be like how he hosts “G-music Charts” or like “Happy Camp”? Maybe not, but apparently he is a very kind and gentle teacher.

7. Ray (Ma Tian Yu): Most sissy male star
When Ma Tian Yu participated in “Add oil! Young Men!” it led to many disputes. Many people thought that such a feminine guy does not fulfil the requirements of a young man. Although he looks quite handsome, he actually loves to cry, and his smile can dazzle a ton of people. In his song, “Damn Tender” (Gai Si De Wen Rou), his delicate voice will give anyone goose bumps.

8. Jay Chou: Likes to sleep with friends
Jay Chou’s friend once publicly said that Jay is not a person who loves to talk, and to normal friends, he does not like to share secrets. However to his close friends, he loves to share his opinions and secrets, and he likes to sleep with his friends. Also, whether in hotels or at home, he loves to scare people: “Once I went into his room, and he was hiding in the closet, and then he suddenly jumped out to scare me, and I almost got scared. He often likes to prank his friends, and hides in a corner of the house and then prepare to scare them.”

9: Chen Kun: Most depressing male star

Everyone who knows Chun Kun agrees that his most unique temparament comes from the depression that is revealed from his eyes, his delicate and pretty features, coldness, a very hard to describe expression that comes from his eyes. Chen Kun says, “From when I was little, I always had this sense that something bad was going to happen, I always thought that what belongs to me now won’t forever be mine. I would choose to remember happy memories, so to alleviate the fear I have towards the world, this is also a method to help me be free.”

10: Jam Hsiao: Male star who likes to cry the most
Lately, Jam has been red-hot popular, but when he goes on shows, everyone says he is like a shy girl. Actually, Jam’s fame does not only come from his singing, but also because he often cried while on “Super Walk Of Fame”. Jam is very frank: “From when I was little, I loved to cry. Whenever I am angry, touched or cannot take it anymore, I cry, when I want to cry I cry.” When asked whether he feels embarrassed if crying in publicc, he replied, “Yeah, I always regret it after I cry, but I can’t help it, if I try to bear it, then in the end, I just end up crying even more!”

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