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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Lin Yi Chen is very frugal, has never bought a brand-name bag

Lin Yi Chen is very frugal, has never bought a brand-name bag
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Source : UDN

Zheng Yuan Chang in GTV’s [Love or Bread] attempts to act for the first time as a lazy** man, owing a large amount of debts, as a result being violently beaten up by the underground money lenders, who also try to drown him in a bathtub. Golden Bell queen of dramas Lin Yi Chen, on yesterday’s ‘Spicy Tien Hou Temple’ show, talked about past deeds of saving {money}, even Li Ching was surprised.

Xiao Zhong said that although that scene only took 10 minutes to film, because he has long arms and long legs, having to fit into the bathtub is already very painful. Then, he had to hold his breath and when he felt like he was almost about to die, the director still had not shouted [Cut]. Even better is that, when he is about to have no more breath, Lin Yi Chen appears on the scene as the [Beautiful Heroine], immediately performing artificial respiration to save his life. Xiao Zhong says with a laugh, filming kissing scenes and filming artificial respiration scenes are completely different, [Kissing scenes would have the tongue extending, while artificial respiration is blowing air into your throat, air coming in with every blow, lungs feeling like they will explode; very uncomfortable.]

Xiao Zhong filming [Love or Bread]; for the first few episodes he does not stop trying to avoid being beaten up by creditors, very much like he was shooting an action movie. He said, in his real life, he has never had the experience of hiding from debt. He feels that if people have to borrow money from underground money lenders as a last resort, they may have their own reasons, but the creditors’ use of violence to collect debts, is definitely not advisable. But in the drama he purely loves vanity, buying brand-name items until in debt, indeed deserving to be beaten up.

While on the show Lin Yi Chen said that as a child her family financial situation was not very well-off, and so developed her habit of saving, and has never bought brand-name bags. Her handbags are all gifts from friends or her manager. Li Ching prepared a number of brand-name bags on the scene to let the people shout out prices. Bryant Chang bought an LV bag worth $1000NT, but Lin Yi Chen did not bid even once. When Li Ching jokingly asked [Is it because it doesn’t appeal to you?], she said, [Too expensive].

She revealed that most expensive things she has ever bought in her life are the house for her family to live in, and a gold necklace. It turns out that that gold necklace was the last object that her grandfather left to her mother, but was later pawned off because of the family finances, [After earning money I bought a replica of the gold necklace to give to my mother], causing the guests on the scene to have runny noses after hearing it.

Li Ching revealed another little secret about the Golden Bell Awards, expressing that at the time the two were very fatefully sitting next to each other. After Li Ching went onstage to receive the Best Show Host award, she said to Lin Yi Chen, [It will be your turn in a moment]. She did not expect the sentence to come true, causing Lin Yi Chen to say, [Too coincidental!].

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