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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Jay Chou the classiest on the red carpet, his appearance was indeed worthy of a heavenly king

Even though most male stars usually wear a suit matched with a little accessory, but at the Style Awards 2008, not only did Jay Chou's magician look have someone to hold his umbrella he also had Will Liu and his wife closely protecting him, you could say he was had the classiest entrance on the night.

Out of all the celebrities appearing, the classiest of them was Jay Chou who came out last, not only did he have numerous body guards to open the path for him, he also had a special person to hold his umbrella, and he had Will Liu and his wife protecting him at his side. Towards such a big event, Jay Chou didn't think anything was wrong: Today I'm a magician, (Will Liu and his wife) are my assistants. His appearance was indeed worthy of a heavenly king.

"This bear is something I've specially prepared for the Style Awards, then the whole clothing set will look more fashionable." Yesterday night the thing that caught peoples' attention the most when Jay Chou walked on the red carpet was blue bear on the left side of Jay Chou's chest. Backstage when he was asked by reporters why he did this, Jay Chou couldn't hide the smile on his face, "You can see this bear is holding a knife and fork, it represents eating, people have to be happy, when you eat you are happy, when you eat food that's nice you'll feel sweet." Reporters noticed that on the chest of the bear is a music note, it's evident that Jay Chou loves his own music, he admitted, he wants to send the feeling of sweetness to fans and the audience with this, "Good things to eat, good things to listen to, good things to watch, it's all sweet. I want to write sweet songs, film comedies, and make people feel that there's hope in life." When Jay Chou was asked if he would be inviting Jerry Yan into "Kung Fu Dunk 2", suddenly his train of thought was clear, "This one....recently I've had toothache, I haven't been in contact with him. The film will be filmed, but it will take a different shape." Reporters continued their questioning about the film he will direct next year, Jay Chou continued to act "dim", "This is something I can't talk about."

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