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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Ariel Lin wins Best Actress award ; 'They Kiss Again' celebrates

Ariel Lin, with her role in They Kiss Again, won the Best Actress in the 43rd Golden Bell Award. This is the first time that Ariel has won an award. During her acceptance speech, she appeared rather calm and collected. However, when she stepped into the celebratory hall, she started having tears in her eyes. One can see how happy she is to have had won the award.

Her male co-star and good friend, Joseph Cheng was her escort for the entire ceremony. He shadowed her the entire night, from the ceremony to the post-ceremony celebration. Although Joseph was not nominated for this year’s GBA, he was really proud of Ariel when she won the award and is happy for her. In the award ceremony, Joseph kissed Ariel, which goes to cement their partnership as an on-screen couple

Ariel feels that all the nominees for the category of Best Actress had worked hard and had not expected to win the award herself. When she saw that the nomination list had finally given some recognition to idol dramas, Ariel was happy. However, she had not thought she would win because of her lack of experience. However, this has been a memorable experience for her because she had won the award.

After accepting the award, Ariel reveals that a friend had immediately told her that he hopes Ariel will forget the fact that she had won this prize tomorrow. Otherwise, the journey ahead of her would be difficult. Ariel felt a deep sense of resonance when she heard those words.

Upon defeating the enemies and bravely attaining the prize, Ariel called her mom prior to the post-award celebrations to tell her the good news. However, Ariel was not worried that she did not win and will disappoint her mom. Rather, she was worried that she might embarrass herself on stage by falling on her face.

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