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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Ariel Lin - TV Queen achievements

In the past, it was very rare to see actors from idol dramas being nominated in Taiwan’s Golden Bell Awards so the nomination of Joe Chen, Ariel Lin, Rainie Yang and Angela Zhang naturally became a hot topic. TV queen Ariel managed to defeat the other popular nominee Joe Chen to become the first idol drama actress to win an award.

After receiving the award, Ariel accepted an interview with Ming Pao, [I was just being casual with it, didn’t expect an award, I went to participate in a grand event. The moment I received the award I was surprised and startled, the stupid Xiang Qin (Role in TKA) has finally done something successful]

Regardless of whether Ariel was the deserved winner in your mind, in the judges' minds her acting won because “her role had many changing levels”. The judges thought she portrayed her role really clear and this is what Ariel has to say [When I received the award, I did ask myself how I won, I really didn’t know. But when the judges told me the reason, I not only have to thank the entire crew, director and good partner Joe Cheng; I also have to thank Xiang Qing.]

Won due to the changing levels in her role
Ariel has noticed that her winning the award has triggered arguments and discontentment between fans, [I understand how everyone feels, to be honest even though I haven’t completely watched Fated to Love You, I have watched parts with Joe Chen acting. I think she acted very naturally, very lifestyle adapted, really charming. Everyone tries their best to portray their roles well, we’re not comparing, the most important is the role]. Ariel admitted that when It Started with a Kiss received high ratings and good comments she did anticipate being nominated for TV Queen but at the time she didn’t make it. So when They Kiss Again got nominated she didn’t have very high hopes, [Even though Xiang Qing was still dumb in the sequel, she became Zhi Shu’s wife after graduating from university, she also went and took the exam to become a professional nurse, continues hitting the board everywhere so she got to display more than the first part]. After receiving the award Ariel didn’t hold any special celebrations, just ate dinner with family and doesn’t plan on buying a present to reward herself because she’s handling everything with a casual heart.

Resists portraying similar roles
When asked about accepting roles in the future and if there’s any pressure in choosing roles because she’s got the TV Queen title on her back, Ariel thinks for a moment and says: [I think the pressure comes from the need to remind myself to not accept similar roles, we need to bring about change and a new meaningful role.] She didn’t forget to recommend her new drama “Love or Bread” She describes it as a “Crazy comedy” : [This drama is very relaxed, but also very crazy, very different to the roles I’ve portrayed before. The character has 3 part time jobs in one day, is a honest natured “Modern Ah Xin” (Enduring hardships) so that attracted me to accept the role]

Not “sweet” anymore with Joe Cheng
At first we thought Ariel and Joe would work together again after a certain period of time and couldn’t imagine this golden pair would meet again so quickly. What methods will she use so that the audience won’t feel that this is getting repetitive? Ariel didn’t have to think to answer: [The character is different, you will definitely not think of Zhi Shu and Xiang Qin. This time we will be crazy rivals who want to fight everytime we see each other, completely opposite to the “sweetness” in the past, I think this will create chemistry, won’t have a feeling of repetitiveness] Although the two aren’t able to take a step further and become a real couple, they are good friends. After reading the script for “Love or Bread” Ariel knew Joe Cheng would take the drama but she still accepts it, [It’s because I like the script and the character in the drama! Gives me lots of room to expand, should not worry about the atmosphere. I did laugh at Joe Cheng because he’s no longer a white prince this time. Joe Cheng did laugh and say that this is the real him]. Ariel recons the character Zeng Shan Mei is similar to her in real life. Their experiences are also similar, taking on the responsibility of looking after her family by herself and also their honest personalities.

Hopes to act in movies next year
At the moment, Ariel will be busy promoting her new drama, participating in the grand TV drama “Extravagant Challenge (華麗的挑戰)”. She laughed and said [This new role was a big challenge for me. I actually really want to act in a movie, I’ve been busy filming dramas for years but haven’t acted in any movies. At the moment Taiwan is working hard to develop new ideas in the film industry, hope I get a chance next year!] Ariel challenges one role after the other that's in front of her, it's time to enter achievement period for this TV drama queen!

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