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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

3 times winner at the World Music Awards, Jay Chou's record beats the God of Songs

Source: Apple

Yesterday the "2008 World Music Awards" was held in Monaco, Europe, after winning with "Common Jasmin Orange" in 2004, "Still Fantasy" in 2006, he wins the Best Selling Artist in Greater China with "On The Run" for 2007, he's broken God of Songs Jacky Cheung's record of winning it twice. This article is translated by

The winners of the World Music Awards are created by record sales, due to the fact Jay Chou is filming the movie "Beggar So" in the role of "Wu Shen" in Beijing right now, he didn't attend the ceremony, yesterday he said through the company: "I'm very happy to get acknowledged."

But his white haired and white clothed Wu Shen look has been met with criticism by Mainland China people online saying it looks funny, they ridicule him saying it's suitable for him to sing "Hair Like Snow", he still said satisfactorily: "Changing into this look, it's really refreshing fighting in it!"

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