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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Patty Hou mourns the death of her father; her mother was the third party in two relationships

Patty Hou mourns the death of her father; her mother was the third party in two relationships
Source: QQ
Patty Hou’s (侯佩岑)biological father, Hou Shi Hong (侯世宏), died of a heart attack in the National Cheng Kung University Hospital in Tainan. He was 74 years old. Through her manager, she expressed: “On that night, when I heard the news, I immediately rushed down, but I was too late. I really regret not being there at my father’s last moments, but on his deathbed he looked very peaceful.”

She was very upset and shed sad tears. Her father was a well known radio host and television presenter, while her mother is a famous senior actress Lin Yue Yun (林月云). When her mother was young, she was involved in a relationship with Hou Shi Hong, who was already married. She got pregnant with Patty and then became a single mother. After her confinement period, she continued acting till Patty graduated from primary school.

At 8pm on the 3rd of December, Patty received a call from her uncle (her father’s brother) when she was in a restaurant, telling her that her father had already passed away. She was extremely shocked and immediately called her mother, who didn’t live in Taipei. She then immediately got on a high speed railway and rushed to the hospital, accompanied by her assistant.

Because everything happened too fast, Patty didn’t have the chance to meet her father for the very last time; she was extremely upset and cried. She said she would attend his funeral, but the date for it has not been confirmed yet.

Being unable to get together with Lin Yue Yun, Hou would still take care of his daughter. He once told reporters: “When her mother and I broke up, I would still bring Patty out to play. My family liked her very much, and my wife never once did resent her.” In fact, it was only with his wife’s consent that Patty took on her father’s surname.

Patty’s mother later had an affair with another married man – Qiu Jia Xiong (邱嘉雄), director of Chan Tai Building Company and they were in love for almost 26 years. Qiu Jia Xiong was the son-in-law of Can Wan Chun (蔡万春) – founder of Cathy Pacific, as his wife Cai Gui Zhao (蔡贵照) was Cai Wan Chun’s daughter. Hence, Patty’s mother and Qiu Jia Xiong’s affair was a big blow to Cai Gui Zhao, who was initially good friends with Lin Yue Yun. In recent years, she has concentrated on living by herself in Taipei, and Qiu Jia Xiong, most of the time, now lives with Lin Yue Yun in Chiayi.

After the affair between Lin and Qiu was exposed, Hou’s wife was also very upset. 4 years before, she had written a letter to a newspaper, saying that Lin Yue Yun “broke up her marriage”, and scolding her as “brazen and shameless”. At that time, Hou hoped that the whole situation would calm down as fast as possible. Despite her mother’s actions, in the end, Patty had two fathers who loved and cared for her very much.

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