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Monday, December 1, 2008

Mike He loves to buy underwear

source: chinatimes
translated by: Sarah @

Mike He is in Tokyo right now, promoting SETTV’s "Bull Fighting" DVD, and when he had 4 hours spare time, he took 100,000NT to go shopping, but funnily enough, most of it was underwear. People are astonished by the style of underwear Mike buys –Spiderman, lamb, someone reminded him that people who like colourful underwear are very "self-harass"* but Mike boldy admitted, "I am la!"

Everytime Mike goes to Tokyo, he has to buy underwear, because there are lots of different styles, and the material is comfortable. One pair that he owns is pink and has lamb all over it and this made everyone astonished because it really looks like something a girl would wear. Mike laughed and said, “Initially, I wanted to buy Hello Kitty boxers, to wear during New Years when I play cards.” Other than his, he also took an interest in a pair of Batman boxers, but he said a bit proudly, “Only S (size) left, it’s too tight for me.”

Mike says that he has a very serious ‘shopping syndrome’. Previusly, after filming “Bull Fighting” and “Infernal Lover”, he bought 2 computers, video games, expensive remote control car all in one go to reward himself, but afterwards, he realized that it was a big waste of money.

Recently, Mike has acquired a small cream poodle by the name of “Miu Miu”. He says Miu Miu loves to be flighty, and every night, she will want to sleep with him, and if she doesn’t see him for a while, the next time she sees him, she will be so excited that she will accidentally “leak”. Also, whenever Mike is free, he will often take her outside and go for a walk.

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virginia said...

hahah thats so cute! miu miu is a nice name <3