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Monday, December 1, 2008

At the Concert - gods vs. gods : Show Lo, Lee Hom Wang, Stanley Huang Sing and Dance, Amazing Outfits

Channel [V] held its [V] Power Concert at night on the 29th at the Jung Shan Soccer Stadium. Three pop kings Stanley Huang, Lee Hom Wang, and Show "Xiao Zhu [Little Pig] Lo performed in the wintry cold weather, attracting a jam-packed audience. The three were in competition for grand entrance, new outfits, and new dances, the whole performance was steaming!

Stanley's dark warrior god outfit gets screams

Stanley Huang wore a 3D see-through shirt, with the effect of a "Dark Warrior God," and was first to take the stage. With a cool appearance, all the girls in the audience were screaming continuously. And to make his signature song "Yin Lang [Sound Wave]" take on a different feel, 6 dancers learned a new, more complex dance of "men tossing each other around" with Stanley standing afar. He joked and said, "I told them to position themselves further away from me before throwing each other around, to prevent them from hitting me!"

Lee Hom Wang's riveted jacket pricks hand

Lee Hom Wang took the stage with his personal guitar, performing "Yao Gun Zen Me Le [What happened to Rock and Roll]" fashioning a 5 kg leather jacket decked out in 4,000 rivets, appearing as a "Rock and Roll Gentleman." But the rivets were pointy and would occasionally prick people around him, so everyone was standing 3 feet away from him. As an endorser for World Children's Day, he expressed that when he was in high school in the U.S., he had once volunteered at a McDonald's house charity. Yesterday he and the hosts had specially sung "Shou Qian Shou[Hand in Hand]" with 30 little children, to convey the concert's charity aspect.

Show's black, trendy performance outfit was extremely magnificent.

Show Lo's fans had lined up to get a spot at the concert 2 days ahead. When he finally appeared as the anchoring performer, the whole stadium was in a thunderous roar of excitement. He spent $100,000 to tailor a "Black, Trendy Dancing" outfit and glamorously emerged from the stage. He performed his new song "Gu Zhong Qiang Shou [Hot Shot] with brand new dance steps. One move, "Disappeared in Mid-Air," was when he while he leapt into the air, his dancers quickly pulled him to the back, making his fans utterly surprised!

The the music industries two big groups "Million Stars" and "Super Idol" both had their representatives. From Million Stars was Jam Hsiao and Jing Lun Huang with their steady singing, but from Super Idol was Chang Yun Jing singing Sodagreen's "Xiao Yu Zhou [Little Galaxy]" with a poor voice unable to catch a breath and very unstable. The promoters explained that Chang Yun Jing has asthma, and because the weather was too cold, it had affected the performance.

Source : China Times
Translated by o_ost1nao_o @ Show Lo's International English Forum

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