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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Defeated Queen: Ethan Ruan JingTian Gets Emotional; Afraid of Backlash, Yao YuanHao Pulls Out of Playing "Chen GuanQi"
Date: December 4, 2008
News Source: MTime,
Translation Credit: tammiest @
According to the Taiwanese media, Ethan Ruan JingTian was at the beaches of FuLong yesterday, attempting to give emergency aid to the drowned Ke JiaYan. This is, apparently, a pivotal scene in the upcoming drama 敗犬女王 [Bai Quan Nu Wang] [Defeated Queen]. A pivotal character to the drama, however, named "陳冠七 Chen GuanQi" (a name obviously and intentionally similar to 陳冠希 Edison Chen GuanXi's) has run into some trouble. Yao YuanHao, who had originally agreed to play the part, has pulled out of the drama at the last second. SETTV was extremely angry: "Didn't he agree to take this part already? It's completely professionally unethical!" However, even Ethan said privately, shaking his head, "Who would dare to play that part?"

In the drama, Ke JiaYan plays Ethan's previous girlfriend. In order to please and impress Ethan, she goes surfing. Unfortunately, she loses her life in the merciless waves. Ethan was extremely into the scene; he cried for ten minutes straight, leaving his eyes swollen. When asked which of his ex-girlfriends had impacted him the most, he paused for a second, then answered "Joanna," the girl who had gone to the press with stories of his sex life. It was because of those reports that he was given the nickname "Taiwanese stallion," only adding to his appeal.

The character of "陳冠七 Chen GuanQi," however, an obvious "nod" to 陳冠希 Edison Chen GuanXi, has repeatedly run into snags. Just recently, Yao YuanHao had agreed to play the part; however, a few days ago, he suddenly pulled out of the drama. Rumor has it that he is afraid that his reputation and image would be damaged.

SETTV president 陳玉珊 Chen YuShan was exploding with anger: "It's ridiculous! If he doesn't want to act, he doesn't want to act... but he said that, because he was too busy, he had to pull out. Does he take us (SETTV) for fools?" Today, then, 唐志中 Jason Tang ZhiZhong will be undergoing a screen test. Yao YuanHao explained that it really is because of his schedule; however, because his agency wanted him to go for the screen test, they told SETTV that he was available. He doesn't care about the negativity or "villainous" nature of the character; in fact, he thinks that that makes it easier to be noticed by the camera.

敗犬女王 [Bai Quan Nu Wang] [Defeated Queen] is scheduled to begin airing in the middle of December.

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