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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

S.H.E promoting for smoke free Taiwan

Selina fails to get boyfriend to quit smoking despite acting like a spoilt brat, Ella finds mouth stinky after a kiss with smoker boyfriend

When S.H.E filmed the commercial for resisting tobacco, they spoke about how much they hate the smell of tobacco, Hebe said that she is a sharp soldier in catching smokers, and started to be a tobacco resistance disciplinary investigator from home, what to do if boyfriend smokes? Selina will act like a spoilt brat to ask him to quit smoking, Ella on the other hand said that will feel that his mouth is very smelly when kiss.

Selina’s rumoured boyfriend Richard Zhang was caught smoking outside a restaurant recently, and when Selina was asked what she will do if her boyfriend smokes, Selina said that she will act like a spoilt brat to ask the other party to smoke lesser, and will use gentle moves like telling him its not good for health. However Selina also says that this method is not necessarily effective so boyfriend Richard Zhang has not successfully quit smoking.

Hebe and Ella on the other hand are proud to bring their families to say no to tobacco! Hebe said, since young she was trained by her mother to be the tobacco resistance disciplinary investigator to stop her father from smoking, she will fulfill her responsibility by hiding her father’s cigarettes or throw them away, once she even threw them into the washing machine, all her hard work finally let her father submit and quit smoking.

Ella also keep reminding her father and brother on the bad points about smoking, her father who could not stand the endless rumblings of her daughter finally succeeded in giving up smoking. And because of Ella’s endless rumblings of using money to commit suicide is crazy, her brother is also slowly getting off the addiction.

The 3 of them agreed at the same time that they don’t like their boyfriends to smoke, so it will be good to pick someone who doesn’t smoke right from the start, and Ella also admitted that she once dated a smoker, but when they kiss she felt that the other party’s mouth is smelly.

When they knew that the new rule stated ‘No smoking in enclosed area and working area with more than 3 people’, S.H.E happily said, “In future we can tell the crew righteously that they can’t smoke in enclosed area when filming!” They also use their self experience to reinforce tobacco resistance, “The three of us can do it, and everyone also can!” Hope that all the citizens, especially their fans must together support this new rule, only when everyone obeys the rules, then ‘Smoke Free Taiwan’ will not only be a slogan, and is a new territory that every true citizens can be proud of.

translated by : jastan87 of CEFC
credits : CEFC and Taiwan Yahoo News
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