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Friday, December 5, 2008

Lollipop's Golden Horse Award Rehearsal

[2008.12.05] The 45th Golden Horse Award will be on tomorrow, artists who are performing are getting ready by rehearsal hoping to make a perfect performance. Lollipop who will be performing a martial art dance are working hard in practicing the dance. The boys were excited about the performance for tomorrow and hope to see the famous director Ang Lee (Li An).

Just back from Singapore “Music Monster Festival” the boys are back to their tight schedule in Taiwan getting ready for the Golden Horse performance. Today afternoon they were having their rehearsal; this dance mix with martial art was suffering for the boys. Lollipop member Xiao Jie is a left hander, to match up choreograph during the num-chucker part he accidentally hit his eye.

Lollipop Xiao Jie said “The moves for the dance are for right hander and as I’m a lefty so it doesn’t feel right for me. During the num-chucker practice I would accidentally hit myself in the eyes, I still can feel the pain but for the performance I will try my best.”

First time performing at Golden Horse Award Lollipop is very nervous for the performance tomorrow. But with their stage experience they can overcome this. When asked what stars you want to see everyone said famous director Ang Lee (Li An).

Lollipop said “Most want to see star is Ang Lee (Li An), will try to attract him to see if we can cast in his movie, even a cameo is good enough.”

45th Golden Horse Award will be held tomorrow, 5:30pm will be the red carpet and the show will start at 7pm.

Translated by Choco-late

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