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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Jerry Yan’s calendar put on sale; Websites jammed

Jerry Yan’s calendar put on sale; Websites jammed
Source: UDN
Date: Thursday, 3 December 2008
Translated by: Initial E @
Idol Drama First Brother Jerry Yan (言承旭), who brought about the ‘Chinese Craze’, has been successfully advancing his career in Japan for the past 3 years. His personal calendar for 2009 is sold in limited edition; websites were crammed with people looking to buy it. All 300 pieces of his limited edition watch, costing 10,000 yuan, was bought within two days by Japanese girls.

For Jerry Yan’s personal calendar, they specially invited Jay Chou’s personal photographer, and spent 2 days shooting the pictures. Jerry not only went to a top hotel for the shoot, but also did it outdoors, with nature as the scenery. He also wore a pair of black framed spectacles, being polite and elegant.

In real life, Jerry loves to collect spectacles. On the day of the shoot, the two pairs the stylist brought was immediately bought by him to bring home to add to his collection. Jerry, who is a Capricorn, is not used to facing the camera directly when taking pictures, also, while shooting, he must have music playing. He said: “Music will make me relax and be more immersed into the shoot.”

Jerry is loved by Japanese aunties; when his all 300 limited edition watches were put on sale, many fans who did not manage to buy it made many phone calls asking them to increase the number sold. The Japanese shop helplessly expressed that every single watch had its own serial number, hence they could not do that, apologising to all the fans. Filial Jerry also booked the watch with the serial number 001 to give his mother as a new year’s present.

Jerry Yan will be going to Hong Kong on the 20th to attend a fan meeting, but the media are not allowed to take photos.

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