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Monday, December 1, 2008

Jay Chou to hold his world tour concert at the Mohegan Sun Arena in Uncasville, Connecticut on the 21st of December

Source: Jay2u

The "Asian heavenly king" Jay Chou is going to hold two sessions of concerts at the Mohegan Sun Arena on the 21st of December, this is the performance Chinese fans from the US have been looking forward to this year, and it will be the most exciting performance of recent times. The tickets are already selling hotly. The time of the first session is at 2 in the morning, the next one is 2 in the afternoon.

The tickets for Jay Chou's concert in Mohegan Sun Arena are $260.00, $188.00, $138.00 and $88.00, the tickets are being sold by "International Entertainment Marketing", the ticket hotline is: 718.888.3113; or you can visit the website: There are various ticket sales offices: Flushing / Universal (135-05 40th Road, 2nd Floor, 718-888-3113), Chinatown / Li Ying Records (Bowery No 89, 212-925- 1098), Travel Agency (221-227 Canal St.,212-274-1328), Brooklyn / Universal (5609 8th Ave.,718-437-7717), Xin Zhou / Global Travel Int'l Corp (1681 Rt. 27, Suite 3, 732-819-8883), Boston / Sunshine Travel (12A Tyler Street, 617- 695-1989), buy tickets online at:
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