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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Jang Nara sings at Jay Chou's concert

Source: Xmwww

On the 23rd of November, Jay Chou had his world tour concert in Fujian Longyan with a 30,000 strong audience. As one of the guest stars on the night Jang Nara performed 4 songs, there were no empty seats at the stadium. Besides Jay Chou's powerful performance, the addition of Jang Nara caused an explosion of passion from fans. As the Korean celebrity who has done the best in developing in China, Jang Nara used her sweet and touching image to capture the Chinese market, after signing for HF Music, she released a limited edition album "Dream of Asia" containing a mixture of 3 languages. This article is translated by

For Jay Chou to invite Jang Nara to be a performing guest this time, he sees her great influence in the Chinese market, at the concert, Jang Nara appeared well dressed, she sang 4 songs in one go, and received passionate response from the fans. The main organiser revealed that privately Jang Nara and Jay Chou get on quite well with each other, this is their first collaboration together. Jang Nara once expressed that Jay Chou is a Chinese artist she really admires, and Jay Chou has also looked forward to having a chance to collaborate. For this time's concert, Jay Chou especially invited her to support him, and realise both their wishes. At the scene thousands of fans gave a high assessment of the concert, they look forward to the two to create more sparks in the entertainment circle after this.

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