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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Fan Yi Chen wins 'Best Original Film Song' ; forgets to thank Zhang Xiao Yan

source: chinatimes
translated by: Sarah @

Fan Yi Chen won ‘Best Original Film Song’ in the Golden Horse Awards yesterday night, and when he was on-stage, he thanked all the ‘Cape No. 7’ crew but forgot to thank Zhang Xiao Yan, who had signed him into the industry in the first place, insisted on him taking up this film, and making him immediately red-hot popular. When he was asked, did he forget to thank? He replied alarmedly, “I had too little time back then, didn’t have enough time to say.”

Fan Yi Chen said that he had expected himself to win this award, and when asked about his feelings of beating strong competitor Jay Chou, he said that in a competition, there will always be a winner and a loser, and he even expressed his thanks in his native language, crying out, “Shuang! (satisfied).” He said that he had wanted to win awards in both Golden Horse and Golden Melody but right now, he is focusing on preparing for his concert in Taipei on the 20th.

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