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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Da S attended charity event, did not meet Zaizai in Osaka

source: Chinatimes
translations: devoted2barbie
Da S and Zaizai have reconciled? A netizen had taken a photo of a woman wearing a face mask in Osaka Hotel where Zaizai stayed on October 20, assuming that Da S and Zaizai have now reconciled. Regarding the news, Xiao S had responded, saying that she and Da S were in Hsinchu and they attended the World Vision Charity Event that day, "Its really nonsense, can't everyone wear face mask? it's isnt just for celebrities!

After the break up, Zai Zai and Da S have grown apart. In October, F4 held their concert in Osaka Japan, and Jerry Yan's Lin Zhi Ling, Ken Zhu's Kelly Lin were in the audience, and unexpectedly, it was rumored that Da S also came, wearing face mask to avoid the media. In fact a fan had taken a photo, but you can't tell whether the woman was Da S, her dyed hair was different from Da S black hair. And on that same day it was confirmed that Da S was in Hsinchu with Xiao S for World Vision Event.

Da S said: "I have sent them flowers, it was because Vannes invited me but I wasn't free that time, so I just sent flowers for F4, not just for Zaizai". When Zaizai was in Osaka for the concert, Da S celebrated her birthday, when asked about the birthday, Zaizai: I only remember mine and my mom's birthday". Their reconcilation was just a rumor.

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